Day 04 9/11/14 Lab Safety and Pillbugs

We examined some behavior policies for lab and why they are important for everyone’s safety. We considered horseplay, hygiene (eating and drinking and hand-washing) and what to wear, or not.

We started to set up our lab books. If you don’t have one - get one, or see me.

Day 03 9/9/14 How Scientists Learn New Things

Scientists don’t always follow a “scientific method" and neither will we. We will use various methods for designing and carrying our investigations and analyzing our findings. These methods may differ from one investigation to the next depending on the focus of our study.

Also important is the realization that a hypothesis isn’t sort of proven to become a theory and then conclusively proven to become a law. The reverse is more correct. A law is something we observe happening over and over. We attempt to find reasons for this phenomena or phenomenon, and create an explanation. We test it and refine it until the explanation fits the observations and works with other tests. Hypotheses figure in when, based on what is already known, we opt to test a new phenomena or situation. Hypotheses are not “proven;" in fact, science does not seek to prove anything. Collected evidence either allows us to accept the hypothesis or reject it - a hypothesis isn’t right or wrong.

We began to look at the safety equipment around the room, how to use it and when to use it.

Day 02 9/5/14 Learning to read informational text

We went to the textbook depository and checked out textbooks to be kept and used at home. We did the textbook overview on the first page together, and then did our first reading assignment from Chapter 1 Section 3. Log Biology.pdf

Day 01 9/3/14 Living things: What will we do this year?

We grouped ourselves according to the characteristics of the living things printed on cards we received upon entering the room. We then worked with those groups to learn a system of working together to learn. We briefly reviewed attendance, materials needed, and grading from the syllabus.

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